I had a lot of apples and I decided to make the Apple Pie. It was amazing and all of us loved it.

Caramel Pecan Apple Pie

Below is the ingredients list and the recipe.

Preparation Time: 45 Min

Baking Time: 65- 75 Min plus cooling time.

Fresh Sambhar

Sambhar is a great dish to eat on any day of the week. It can be made in a number of ways. Here I will take you through the process of making it with fresh spices and not with powder.

There are two steps of making this Sambhar.

First is…

And what a day it was! A day we will never forget. And a day my kid’s class teacher also will not forget. Bless her strength! ☹️😊

The usual activity preceding the first ever day of school life took place. Well not so usual because after-all you will only ever…


Not a fitness enthusiast but trying to be one. Love photography, food, travelling, reading and playing. Mom to an excitable 2 yr old.

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